One of the cornerstones of our establishment is ensured by the professionalism, discretion, and experience of our housekeeping staff, who meticulously and precisely care for every detail.

Our goal is to present a clean, positive, and comfortable image. We guarantee the highest level of hygiene, as well as ensuring the health of our clients by using tested and safe sterilization and disinfection systems, as required by the latest regulations.

The care we put into cleanliness is at the highest levels. We apply a management and reconditioning system for textile products treated with biocontamination control and microbiological quality assurance in accordance with UNI EN 14065:2004.

All beds and pillows in our Motel/Hotel have special anti-dust mite, antibacterial, antifungal, and antistatic protection, all to ensure the highest level of hygiene and the utmost respect for the health of our customers.

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