The hotel is strategically located just twenty minutes from Milan and ten from Piacenza.

Valtidone offers multiple attractions. Vineyards and orchards as far as the eye can see, small medieval villages, fortresses and castles, truffle hunting trips, mushroom picking, horseback riding excursions, areas suitable for hunting and fishing.

The valley is a harmony of landscapes with its sunny meadows. Visiting this land allows rediscovering the suggestions that come from afar, the stories, the ancient traditions.

You will follow the footsteps of pilgrims who, amidst the mists of the plain and the flow of the river, looked at the Po to head towards Rome. You will be drawn to the severe charm of fortresses and noble residences during the Valtidone Festival.

No one will overlook the indulgent shopping ranging from wines, cold cuts, to cheeses. No one will resist stopping at the unassuming tavern to taste the famous tortelli, broth ravioli, the curious pisarei, the classic picula, and the simple buslanein, perfect when drowned in Malvasia or Ortugo.

In short, it’s worth spending a weekend or combining work with a typical valley dinner.

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