The listed prices are per room and not per person.

Breakfast is not included in the room price. The full breakfast price is 10 euros per person at the buffet or 12 euros for room service.

“Day-use” refers to a stay from 0 to 5 hours; beyond 5 hours, the full overnight rate is applied.

For rooms occupied in the time slot from 5:00 in the morning, the stay is considered an overnight stay.

For entries into our facility from 5:00 in the morning, the “Overnight Stay” rate is applied.

Type Relax  (Up to 5 hours) Booking Single
Standard Double 60€ 90€ 70€
Standard Triple 120
S. Mezzanine 95 140 90
Suites 110€ 160 110€
Suites Plus Ibiza 160 210 130
Suites Plus Marrakech 170 230 140

The prices listed above are approximate and may be subject to changes by the management based on availability, period, and special events. For inquiries regarding hotel rates, agreements, and discounts for extended stays, please contact us at the email address: [email protected].

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